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Pedo Punchers 

(2F, 4M // 110 minutes) 

The Pedo Punchers (short for Pedophile Punchers) are a group of college-aged kids who come together and tackle pedophilia head first by luring men, exclusively from Grindr, to meet them in the back of a Walmart and exposing them on camera for thousands of followers. Tonight, this group uses a 15 year old as bait for their biggest sting ever. 

Eternal Contrast

(2F, 2M // 90 minutes) 

Two teenage girls, Regan and Vanessa, embark on a five day long road trip to honor their idols. But these idols aren’t pop stars or athletes -- they are Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris: The Columbine Shooters. As they make their way to the memorial of the 20th Anniversary of the shooting, the girls egg each other on to embrace the darkness and danger within themselves, causing death and destruction in their wake. They ask themselves, how far would you go for someone you love?

Is This Beauty

(1F, 2M, 1 NB // 90 minutes) 

 18 year olds Emma and Anthony fall in love on a day in the snow, while onstage simultaneously, 15 years in the future their older selves (Charlie and Tony) attempt to figure out what to do about a crumbling marriage. Is what they have beautiful? And are they trying to save something that’s already gone? 

Crazy Jezebels

(4F, 1M // 80 minutes) 

In lue of heaven or hell, the biblical “crazy women” Eve, Jezebel, Lot’s Wife, and Lillith have been committed to a mental health residential treatment program to teach them how to behave properly, but they might have found a potential way out…


The Fallacy of Change

(1F, 1M, 1 Trans M // 60 Minutes) 

Best friends from high school, Stuart and Drake, get jobs working at a residential mental health facility. Dealing with the ins and outs of the job is exhausting, but things get even more complicated when their joint crush from high school ends up becoming a patient. 

An Abstinent Orgy

written with Taylor Monet Welch

(3F, 1M, 1 NB // 70 minutes// For Zoom) 

Set in an almost completely contactless world, a few years in the future, five high-school seniors take on one of their toughest tasks -- completing a power point presentation on abstinence. The piece plays with the idea of intimacy all while only being able to connect through their zoom windows.


What To Expect When You're
Expecting Our Lord And Savior

( 2M // 10 minutes) 

Finding out you’re “with child” is a shock to any relationship, but when it’s your boyfriend telling you that he’s suddenly become pregnant with the next reincarnation of Jesus, it becomes a tad more complicated. This queer tragicomedy looks at the intricacies in relationships and faithfulness, and truly asks what can you expect when you’re expecting our lord and savior?

The We Heart Christopher H. Mahoney Through Time And Space Forever Club

( 2F, 1M // 10 minutes) 

Best friends and middle schoolers Amanda, Hillary, and Rhys have started "The We Heart Christopher H. Mahoney Through Time and Space Forever Club" to pay homage to their crush, Christopher H. Mahoney. But when feelings may be lost, what happens to their club and their friendships?

Good Good Girls

( 3F // 10 minutes) 

Three 5 year olds sit, bored. They're just waiting and waiting. For what? Well to grow up, of course! The girls try to understand what it means to be a woman and what it's like to HAVE BOOBS (sorry for saying boobs...) 

Thanks for the Mammaries! 

( 1 NB, 2M // 10 minutes) 

After years of wrestling with the decision, Bailey faces the challenge of having to fire their worst employees -- their boobs. And these breasts, who act like two vaudevillian old men, won't go down without a fight.

This Is Beauty

(1F, 1M // 10 minutes) 

A choreopoem about two young adults finding love and beauty in the snow, each other, and themselves. 


( 1F, 1M, + ensemble if wantedAny // 10 minutes) 

100 years from now, the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the teens who quarantined themselves inside the Chuck E Cheese they worked at, still quarantined, have turned the play space into a home, sanctuary, and a church. But, their religion is challenged when a member brings some information about the outside world.

Good Bones; or the Writing Workshop of Brutus, Cassius, Casca, and Marc Antony on the Eulogy of Julius Caesar

(4 Any // 10 Minutes)

After assassinating Julius Caesar, the conspiratorial group of Brutus, Cassius, Casca, and Marc Antony workshop a speech intended to win over an angry mob and resolve the issue of Rome's power structure once and for all!

The Day Ophelia Drowned

(1F, 3M // 10 Minutes) 

A poetry play about a voiceless writer named Ophelia and her relationships with the men in her life. (Very loosely based on Hamlet)

@rudymocha has entered the chatroom

(2F, 1M // 10 Minutes) 

After the death of her best friend, Margot, Betsy decides to get revenge on the girl who made their lives a living hell, through a bit of catfishing...

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