Pedo Punchers

The Pedo Punchers (short for Pedophile Punchers) are a group of college-aged kids who come together and tackle pedophilia head first by luring men, exclusively from Grindr, to meet them in the back of a Walmart and exposing them on camera for thousands of followers. And they'll do it by any means necessary.  This is a play about the good they can do, and the bad that can come from it.

Production History

Living Room Series, The Blank Theatre, May 2021 (Staged Reading)

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Logo by Akela Munsey

Tvilah (or Arriving Where She Left) 

She has been gone for a year now. No one is quite sure how or why. A group of those closest to Her, comes together at Bethesda Fountain, Her favorite spot, to try to... grieve? Relive old memories? Get Her back? This becomes a quirky, yet heart felt, exploration of how we mourn, the ways religion touches the most secular of us, and what we are truly, deeply afraid of.

Production History

Premiere Stages' Healing Voices, 2021 (Reading) 


The Bechdel Group, October 2019 (Reading)


Eternal Contrast

Teenagers Vanessa and Regan go on a road trip to pay respects to their idols... their idols being Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris (AKA the Columbine Shooters). Madness, mayhem and darkness ensue. So strap in for the ride. 

Production History

The New School, November 2020 (Reading)

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One Acts &

10 Minute Plays

What To Expect When You’re Expecting Our Lord And Savior 


Art by Leilani Toone

Finding out you’re “with child” is a shock to any relationship, but when it’s your boyfriend telling you that he’s suddenly become pregnant with the next reincarnation of Jesus, it becomes a tad more complicated. This queer tragicomedy looks at the intricacies in relationships and faithfulness, and truly asks what can you expect when you’re expecting our lord and savior?

Production History

One Act Streaming Festival, This Moment Productions, June 2021


Young Playwrights Festival, The Blank Theatre, August 2020

Lucidosottile Family Festival, Casa Italiana Zerilli NYU,

July 2020

Women in Comedy from Around the World,

Casa Italiana Zerilli NYU, May 2020


Players Theatre's Short Play Festival, February/March 2020


Moorpark College One Acts, October 2018


Winner, Young Playwrights Festival, The Blank Theatre


First Place, Women in Comedy from Around the World,

Casa Italiana Zerilli NYU  


Winner -- Best Play, Best Director, Best Actor

 Players Theatre's Short Play Festival


Good Good Girls

Three 5 year olds sit, bored. They're just waiting and waiting. For what? Well to grow up, of course! The girls try to understand what it means to be a woman and what it's like to HAVE BOOBS (sorry for saying boobs...) . The piece explores the toxic feminine traits that are ingrained in us from a young age and how we learn ourself worth, through the eyes of children.

Production History

California Lutheran University, May 2021


Sip and Play, Love City Arts, June 2020

Young Artists Forever's 24 Hour Play Festival, January 2020


An Abstinent Orgy; or Two Pigeons Fighting Over a Hotdog

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written with Taylor Monet Welch

Set in an almost completely contactless world, a few years in the future, five high-school seniors take on one of their toughest tasks -- completing a presentation on abstinence. The piece plays with the idea of intimacy all while only being able to connect through their zoom windows.

Production History

Ohio University Students, January 2021


Featured on Broadway World's  28 plays by Queer Playwrights

The Condemnation of the High Minded

A long overdue conversation between a mother and her daughter, spanning being queer, religion, and what it means to love someone else.

Production History

Alpha NYC's Thalia Festival, November 2019

Moorpark College One Acts, May 2018


Art by Leilani Toone

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Princess Bootcamp

In preparation for her princess birthday party, Mckenna takes it upon herself to train her classmate Julie on how to be the perfect princess. But, Julie seems to have more of an affinity for knights and dragons than balancing books on her head. 

Production History

Weekend Zoom Fest: Young Actors Edition, Here We Go, August 2020


The Rebirth of Zora Audley Jones 

It's Zora Audley Jones' 21st Birthday and she's decided to celebrate a little differently this year. After coming out as transgender only a few months prior, with the help of her wary boyfriend, Zora relives her birthdays as a girl.

Production History

Playground-NY, October 2021